Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ask The Shiekh: Paradise and Hellfire

1. Paradise
Imagine you are living on a mountain.

A journey towards Jannah (heaven) needs preparation, it is not something that you stumbled upon accidentally.

Imagine you are living on a mountain, an easy life. You have all your daily needs in place and you are happy with what you have. Then, someone came to your home and showed you a way to a valley which he claimed to be better than this mountain, where you could enjoy abundant of wealth, a thousand time better than this mountain.

Now, you have an easy life before you, why should you moved? This guy could be lying anyway. That is how you can imagine the temptation in this life and where Jannah is located. Either we know or not where Jannah is located does not effect why we go to Jannah.

If we are going for Hajj, we have a check list of what we need to bring and pack in our suitcase; same goes to life, we MUST HAVE A MASTER PLAN TO PREPARE FOR JANNAH!

If you are travelling by air, you will make sure you have the right ticket, getting to the right gate and on the right plane. If we are not sure, we will ask our travel guide; and Muhammad SAW is our guide to succeed here and hereafter.

2. Hellfire

Moth are attracted to light.

Moth are attracted to light, but if they get too close it will burn. Muhammad SAW warn us to stay away from hellfire. If we follow Iblis, we will join him in Hellfire.

Allah created Hellfire and Iblis from fire. Does that makes Iblis survive inside Hellfire? Allahuakbar, even if humans are hurt from a slap created from the same skin and earth.

3. Conclusion

We required visa of we are travelling to another country. Take Surah Al-Asr. You are a loser. You will not succeed in hereafter except those who belive in Allah and command people to the truth. And command people to patience. This is the requirement necessary, Solat, Zakat, Fasting, Hajj, be good to parents, Calling people to righteousness, leave this sins and patience.

Angel are going to greet you in Jannah. Salamunalaikum, may peace be upon you for your patience.

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